Nokia win GSM/GPRS Expansion Contract

The network coverage and capacity in the province, especially in the rural areas will significantly enhance, due to the 11th GSM expansion of Henan MCC.

Nokia will supply Henan MCC with GSM/GPRS radio and core networks, including the Nokia MSC Server mobile softswitch.

The Nokia NetAct network and service management system will support the network, and Nokia will provide network planning, implementation, commissioning, training, and care services.

With deliveries starting immediately, the network will be operational by the end of September 2006.

Yuan Jianguo, Henan MCC said, ”We are delighted to continue our long-term cooperation with Nokia, who, as a world leading end-to-end solution provider, enables us to maintain high-quality network and provide better customer experience. Through this expansion, we will be able to bring the excitement of mobile communications to more people in the province and prepare for future growth.”

”Nokia is fully committed to providing high-quality solutions and services to our customers,” says James Lin, Vice President, Networks, Nokia China. “The expansion will enable Henan MCC to increase its customer base and bring about more customer delight by enhancing voice and data services. It also prepares Henan MCC for future network evolution,” he commented.  

Nokia is a major supplier of Henan MCC’s radio network and is the operator’s sole GSM/GPRS core network supplier.

Since 1995, Nokia has been Henan MCC’s major supplier for every GSM expansion.

Nokia has delivered the majority of the world’s commercial 3GPP-compliant mobile softswitching; with close to 100 customers for its mobile softswitching, and has to date 20 million lines installed in the China area. With over 20 provincial customers Nokia is a leading GSM network supplier in the Chinese market.

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