O2 spends £10m on a brand with better bubbles

O2 is spending £10m on a “brand refresh”. The bubbles which represented the brand at launch in 2002 have “evolved to signify the possibilities and services that O2 delivers to its customers”.

The accompanying slogan has also evolved into “It’s your O2: see what you can do”, apparently “engendering greater brand enablement for customers”.

Susie Moore, O2 UK Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, explains: “As the UK market is so competitive it is important that we continue to create brand differentiation for O2 to ensure we stand out in a crowded marketplace. We believe that this brand refresh will evolve our brand in the right way for customers and will take the company forward in terms of new products and services.”

3 also launched “a new integrated brand campaign” last month, “communicating 3’s propositions to a broad audience as the new standard for mobile communications”.
Graeme Oxby, 3’s Marketing Director noted: “3 is creating a new standard for mobile communications. Our customers expect to get music, TV, internet and other great content as standard plus a better deal for calls and texts.”
‘Silk’ is the first in a series of ads in the new campaign. Curiously it has a 1950s Americana feel, with two lovers entwined in a stream of silk that binds them together on their separate journeys.


Top people get it off their chests

"People might ask: ‘Why not reduce [roaming costs]?’ We did, inasmuch as we can without screwing our margins …” Rene Obermann, CEO of T-Mobile"

 "Mobile gaming is hot right now” Paris Hilton"

“This autumn the 3G handsets will be as sexy and nearly the same price as 2G handsets and that’s when [3G] will take off” Peter Erskine, chief executive of O2"

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