Off-Portal opportunities

A consumer survey mobile transaction network mBlox suggests that three out of four consumers are increasingly interested in downloading rich media to their mobile phones, such as full-track music and video clips.

The survey, which questioned consumers in the UK, France and Germany, found that 30% had bought mobile content in the past – the majority ringtones.  

But many users are unaware that they can buy content from sources other than their mobile operator’s portal. A surprising 72% of mobile content buyers said that they didn’t realise content is available off-portal as well.

Another interesting figure is the 74% who weren’t aware of the extra data charges incurred by downloading.

The cost of content was a recurring theme throughout the research, with over a third of surveyed consumers (36%) stating that their reason for not downloading full tracks and mobile TV is because they are too expensive.

And half the consumers questioned said they would expect the extra data charges to be no more than EUR 1 per download.

Andrew Bud, executive chairman of mBlox, found some strong messages in the survey results. “With over 70% of the market unaware of off-portal downloads, the direct-to-consumer industry need only reach out to those consumers who are hungry for richer media content.

“Yet a danger lurks.  We know well that consumers do not tolerate unpleasant surprises, and operators must spare their customers from pricing shock. They can do this while still sharing in the value created by the off-portal market.”

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