OmegoMobile – Kids Phone

OmegoMobile is a new handset specifically aimed at kids. Parents can select what numbers can call the handset, what numbers can be dialled and set times that the phone can be used via a secure online phone book.
The phone works in conjunction with a secure website and is aimed at parents with children aged eight to twelve. The handset allows children to benefit from the freedom associated with their first mobile phone whilst ensuring their parents are comfortable that their child isn’t receiving calls, texts or content from inappropriate sources such as strangers or bullies.

As well as preventing the child from accessing inappropriate material, the OmegoMobile is designed to be unappealing to thieves. Only numbers programmed by the parent via the secure website can be called and may call the phone. Emergency services can be called from the phone at all times. The handset also includes a range of pre-loaded educational games.

Andrew White, chief executive of OmegoMobile says: “British parents are clearly concerned over their children’s mobile phone use – whether it’s because of contact from strangers or because of cyber bullying. The OmegoMobile phone is designed to meet the needs of parents and to address these concerns.

“With the OmegoMobile parents are in charge of all their children’s mobile contact via an easy-to-use website; here they enter the contacts they want to be on their child’s phone. It allows children to stay in touch, stay safe and still stay mobile.”

Dr David Sheffield, reader in biological and health psychology from Staffordshire University says: “Mobile phones can be a useful way in which children can learn to interact with their friends as well as being an effective safety device. They can also be very easily overused causing problems at home and at school. Parents can and should be actively involved in guiding and controlling the use of their children’s phones so that children learn to use them in a healthy and safe way.”

Network services to the phone are provided by ToucanMobile. The handset is supplied free of charge when parents take out an eighteen-month contract at £15 per month.

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