Orange First to Launch Super Sim

Orange have announced it is the first UK mobile operator to offer its customers the Super SIM – a 128MB flash memory SIM card produced by Sagem Orga.

The Super SIM will also come pre-loaded with new software from SNAPin, SelfService Configure, so customers can turn their mobile into an Orange Signature handset – simply by inserting their Super SIM and booting up their device.

Super SIM means there is no need for Orange users to buy an extra memory card for their phone and will allow them to access and store content directly onto their Super SIM card in the same way they would normally on their own device. In addition, the memory portion of the Super SIM card can be accessed from a PC using a USB connection, while users will also be able to access the content on their Super SIM card by inserting it in another Super SIM compatible device – giving them the ability to easily transfer content from one Super SIM device to another.

The SNAPin SelfService Configure software will be the device configuration client for the initial Super SIM launch and will allow users to turn their handset into an Orange Signature device.  All the necessary Orange network settings, along with the Orange Homescreen, Packet Video player, F-Secure anti-virus client and a whole series of Orange branded wallpapers and themes will be installed upon activation, to enhance the customer’s Orange experience. The whole process takes just 3 minutes to complete, during which time the user is advised of the status of the process by means of an Orange splash screen.

“At Orange, we are always at the leading edge of innovation to ensure we provide the very best experience for our customers,” said Matthew Kirk, Head of Devices for Orange UK.  “The Super SIM and SNAPin software will provide our users with great value and ensure that time to market is greatly reduced as customers can have their very own Orange Signature phone as soon as they buy the latest handsets in store.”

The launch device will be the HTC S310 Window Smartphone – equipped with Bluetooth, Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, 64MB RAM and several value added applications, including a Camera / Camcorder capture utility.

Subsequent HTC S310 volumes will feature Abaxia Smart Config client, which is currently under Orange validation. Smart Config will offer a similar configuration experience to SNAPin’s SelfService Configure client.

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