Orange Gives Back

Orange have brought back Unlimited offers to the indies after withdrawing the deals from the channel earlier this year and offering them direct.
Not usually a favourite with dealers, cutting commissions, deals, ditching dealers, and call centre activity, eventually instigating the formation of the Independent Mobile Phone Dealers Association, Orange are giving something back.

Independent dealers will again be able to offer the Unlimited deals to consumers from this weekend, although commissions have been reduced in order to make it worthwhile for the operator.

The Unlimited offers gave users spending over £35 on some tariffs unlimited texts or unlimited landline calls, but were withdrawn from the indie channel earlier this year with Orange continuing to offer the deals direct.

Mainline MD Andrew Boden said that although the reduction was unfortunate, dealers know how well the offers worked last time.

‘They should be confident that the increase in business will more than compensate for the drop in commission. We’ll be doing our best to ensure dealers who work with us are well placed to make the most of this opportunity.’

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