Orange Reinstate Wilson

Following a ‘thorough investigation’, Orange have confirmed they have reinstated part-time political blogger Inigo Wilson who, with his ‘Lefty Lexicon’ caused quite a stir in political circles on the internet.

Wilson was suspended from his role in community affairs back in August for writing his article entitled  "A Lefty Lexicon" in which he created a dictionary of terms that he deemed ‘Lefties’ used to muddy their supposed inablity to do their jobs.

The article caused an outcry from offended, most noticeably the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) who called for his dismissal for his references to Islam, and Palestine.

However, the outcry at his suspension was far greater with emails in support of Wilson outnumbering those against by five-to-one.

Orange, although quite vocal when it came to announcing Wilson’s suspension, didn’t make an equivalent public announcement regarding their reversion, with the news being discovered via an email from Orange’s press office to an individual blogger:

"Following a thorough investigation Inigo has been reinstated. The company has now dealt with this matter internally through its company procedures and considers the matter closed."

Part of Wilson’s job is consulting with local communities regarding placement of mobile phone masts near to homes. He describes a ‘Lefty’s’ view of consultation as "a formal system for ignoring public views while patronising them at the same time." Let’s hope the joke is understood.

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