Pama boosts on line sales

Pama, a b2b distributor of mobile phone accessories and consumer electronics, has improved its on line turnover by automating its sales, order, stock and warehousing processes….

using a solution from Maginus, expert providers of integrated software solutions for multi channel retail & distribution companies.

Before using Maginus, sales staff would take an order by phone, write it on a pad and enter it into the company’s system later. Now they can process an order while the customer is on the phone. Operators can tell customers whether a product is in stock, or when it’s due in.

The result is faster, more efficient customer service. Sales staff can handle more orders per day, and Pama has also reduced communication costs by not having to call customers back to explain stock issues or other problems with their order. 

“Maginus is a powerful multi-channel system that’s really helping us to grow our business”, said Antony Warhurst, Pama’s Operations Manager.

“The quality of information available to us has improved dramatically. With our previous system, we could never really trust the stock levels it would report. With Maginus, we get accurate stock data. And Maginus’ best-practice design means our buyers are required to enter specific data about new products during the buying process. All of this product information is instantly available to our sales teams when the product is delivered and ready for sale, and this has helped us increase sales revenue.”

The Maginus solution enables Pama to cross sell and upsell; for example, if a customer calls about a hands-free unit for a particular phone, Maginus will highlight the accompanying cradle and aerial too. Maginus also makes it easy for Pama to manage the wide range of compatibility issues in the complex mobile phone market. For each product Pama sells, Maginus holds a list of which phones the product is compatible with, and can show a sales person only the products relevant to the particular needs of any customer.

Maginus has also helped the sales team to improve the way customer queries are handled. Simple queries can usually be handled immediately. For more complex queries, sales staff can use Maginus’ Contact Log to start a formal process for resolving the customer’s issue. The details are sent to Pama’s dedicated customer service team, and Maginus handles the whole process of query resolution.

Using Maginus has greatly improved Pama’s reporting ability.

Some reports are scheduled to run at certain times of day and then sent automatically to the relevant personnel. Users can also run ad-hoc reports directly from the Maginus system. The range of reports available to each user depends on their role in the organisation and is also controlled by Maginus.

Russell Dorset, sales and marketing director, Maginus, said, “We believe that the many business benefits that Pama is deriving from using our solutions, is down to their willingness to adopt a single, integrated system across their whole business. This is another great example of a Maginus customer using our solution to achieve growth, and demonstrates the importance of being able to access information that will help them make the correct management decisions to achieve growth.”

Source – IT Backbones

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