Phone for OAPs

A new phone has been announced by Emporia specifically aimed at the over 50s market. The Life Phone is a simple handset with no complicated unnecessary features that the older user won’t need.
The main marketing points of the Life Phone are ease of use and personal security.

The handset sports a large 2.7 inch mono screen, and featuring large fonts and an orange backlight to make reading easier for those with failing eyesight.  This ease of use is mirrored with the oversized keys making dialling a number a simple act.

The phone also features an extra loud speaker to play special ringtones, and a powerful vibration alert to ensure that the user knows someone is calling.

Topping off the list is a large red emergency button on the back. The emergency button, once pressed, will call a preset phone number aswell as sending a predefined text message alerting the recipient that the user may need help.

The phone is made to only make or receive calls and send or receive text messages. Navigation has also been kept to a minimum, with the contact list available on the front screen for example.

No confirmation yet as to whether a special compartment will be installed for carrying Werther’s Originals or if the SMS templates will include "My how you’ve grown" or "It wasn’t like that in my day".

The Life Phone is due to be released worldwide in May.

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