Phone Your Kisses

Here at Mobile Business we are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to tell you about. However, we’re not too sure if this one will make it to market, a phone that kisses!

When the details about this phone hit our inbox, we weren’t sure if someone was pulling our leg or not, but it would appear that George Kouuouros, the inventor or "Ideator" as he bills himself, is serious.

George does a fine job of describing the phone, giving that English is not his first language:

"With this new mobile phone you will be able to send your kiss to your interlocutor, to leave a kiss in answering machine., to repeat the kiss saved on your phone or relay it to other people, to download in the web or receive by phone kiss parameters from a kiss bank as the one from Madonna or from an imaginary Hero!"

Sounds great, but how does it work?

"When you kiss your phone, this one transmits some kiss parameter data to the other phone that reproduces the same parameters. Firstly a kiss detector that detects percussion speed of the lips, lip pressure, sucking force, lip temperature when you kiss the phone. Secondly an artificial mouth on the phone that reproduces same lip and sucking caracterisic to the receptor. The kiss sound is transmitted by the usual earpiece."

Following a supposed product test in Japan, where 1500 users telephoned kisses to each other nonstop last November, the phone is due for a July launch, and will retail at $200 (about £100).

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