Saffron Walden gets glamour

Mobestar’s mobile glamour content division mGlamour has opened a 2,200 sq ft film studio in Saffron Walden – “the only facility in the UK to film, edit, encode and distribute glamour content exclusively for mobile phones”, thinks mGlamour…

The new studio currently has six main sets – a bar, a swimming pool, a Bedouin tent, a gym, a games room and a massage area – as well as smaller sets including a hot tub, sauna and shower room. Outside,an outdoor “Ibiza set” has been installed for filming in the summer.

A library of “fun and sexy video clips, wallpapers and photographs” is under development for distribution by operators, brands and content aggregators. mGlamour makes the point that it focuses on content which is acceptable to the 16-plus age group “as defined by the recognised governing bodies” (access to such content does not require a PIN number or use of adult short codes, unlike more adult-orientated content).

“Half the total revenues generated by mobile content in Europe are from adult content”observed mGlamour’s creative director Richard Ellis. “Most network operators do not want to be associated with this type of content but at the same time they do not want to miss out on what could be a great revenue-generating opportunity. We believe that our ‘cheeky’ content has the right balance; it will appeal to the 16-24 year old male, but at the same time it is not smutty or crude.”

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