SAMSUNG D600: best slider so far

As usual, we gave the review phone to a dealer, a distributor and a hard-nosed real-world user to get the all-round view. Here’s the retailer’s opinion …

Dealer’s Verdict
How do you rate the appearance?

It’s a classic slider design, slightly bigger all round than the D500 (and quite a lot larger than the D350). It’s still very compact, especially when you come to list all the features packed inside. The casing doesn’t have as much glossy black plastic as the D500, and instead there’s a less slippery matt coating on the back and sides; this makes it more comfortable to hold than the D500, and it doesn’t get so smudged from greasy fingerprints. Overall it’s a neat package.

What was the best feature?
Where to start? It looks very professional (hey, even Jose Mourinho uses one. In the TV ads, at least) and that is carried through to most aspects of its operation. The slider mechanism is very solid, the organisation of the menus and icons is excellent, the camera is really good (2mp), you can read Word documents (and indeed other files produced by Microsoft Office programs) with a clever way of moving a ‘window’ across the page or zooming in and out of to the document. There is also a cable and socket for sending audio and video to another device, like a hi-fi for audio or a TV for video: this works well for still pictures, or a PowerPoint presentation for example.

What was the least impressive feature?
The video-to-TV connection was rather disappointing, given that it works at the resolution of the phone’s screen – and 240×320 looks pretty dismal on a bigger screen. But it was difficult to find anything that I really disliked.

How good is the display?
Excellent – 262,000 colours, 240×320 pixels, and well up to the standard we expect from Samsung.

How about the camera?
Generally very good. As well as reasonable 2mp resolution, there are numerous functions and effects to play with. Not so great on close-ups, but well up to the mark for other photos. Ok for video too, though nothing special.

What is your overall opinion?

This is Samsung’s flagship, and it is obvious why – the D600 is probably the best slider-phone currently available. As with most sliders, the screen is prone to smudging; it’s difficult not to put your fingers on to it. But this phone still ought to fly off the shelves, especially to business users.

Length 96mm
Width 46.5mm
Depth 21.5mm

Weight    103 g

Main display   

240×320 pixels
256K colours

2mp, 1600×1200
pixels, video,flash

SMS, MMS, Email

Bluetooth, USB,A/V output

300 hours
Talk time
7 hours

Marks out of 10….
Appearance    8/10
Functionality     9/10
Saleability    10/10
Hit or Miss?    Hit

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