SixtySecond Interview

SixtySecond Interview

Kim Jennings
Kim Jennings
This month we talk to Kim Jennings, Sales Manager at ScansSource Communications Europe.

Kim Jennings is Sales Manager of ScanSource Communications Europe, a leading distributor of communications products.

ScanSource supports resellers by holding large inventory, offering quality logistics and providing flexible finance options. With these core distribution elements complemented by knowledgeable sales and technical staff, ScanSource has all the tools needed to work with resellers and help their business grow. ScanSource has built up strong relationships with Avaya, Panasonic and ShoreTel and can work with these vendors to make sure resellers get the best possible value. Lately the ScanSource portfolio has expanded to include Extreme Networks and further new opportunities will be unveiled in the coming months.

The ScanSource sales team has a history of channel expertise and is structured in a way that makes the sales process more effective for resellers. Alongside knowledgeable, office-based Account Managers (the main point of contact for resellers) and experienced in-field Business Development Managers, ScanSource has specialised Avaya pre-sales support staff, on-hand to help resellers with, among other things, organising demos for customers.


Underpinning ScanSource’s channel presence is its unsurpassed stock position. The ScanSource warehouse offers state-of-the-art logistics, unlimited capacity for growth and true scaleability, meaning ScanSource can handle small or very large orders equally effectively. ScanSource is investing heavily in stock, knowing that a deeper inventory pool will provide for resellers in the event of any future market shortages. Stock availability, coupled with financial strength means that ScanSource can provide support for all projects, whatever the size and whatever the situation. In addition, flexible credit offerings mean there is always scope for business to grow.

ScanSource is dedicated to growing the business of reseller partners, so never competes with customers by selling to end-users. Having nineteen years of experience in value-added distribution, ScanSource Communications Europe understands both the vendors’ and resellers’ needs. ScanSource Communications Europe is a division of ScanSource, Inc., whose North American convergence division, Catalyst Telecom, is the largest distributor of convergent voice solutions in the world. With this legacy ScanSource Communications Europe is the ideal distributor for resellers to partner with.


Close up & personal

Married? Yes to Alex.

Lives where? Egham, Surrey.

Kids? No.

What is your favourite car? 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gull Wing.

What do you drive? Mercedes C230 Sports Coupe.

4X4s Chelsea tractors? I wouldn’t say no to the new Range Rover Evoque.

What really gets your goat in business? People not staying true to their word.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? Never burn your bridges.

And the worst? Buy shares in RBS (at their peak!).

Favourite Film? Tough but I’ll plump for As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt.

Who is/was the best James Bond? Pierce Brosnan (see best blag).

Last CD/DVD bought? Manic Street Preachers – Postcards from a young man – and it’s good!

Sport? Golf, tennis, badminton – I am known for being a tad competitive (think Monica in Friends!).

Favourite team? Spurs (family tradition but don’t really follow them).

What’s the best thing you’ve bought this year? My holidays, two relaxing breaks to Skiathos and Majorca.

What have you wasted money on? Shoes and Clothes (what women hasn’t).

If you could pick anyone to go to dinner with who would it be and why? Elvis because I love the King but I’d take him some where healthy and get him to stay off the burgers!

What could you not live without? My family.

Who’s been your greatest inspiration? My parents, I had a fantastic childhood and Do you have a hero? they have instilled strong values in my brother and I, and Lance Armstrong – living proof that you should never give up.

If it all went belly up tomorrow, what Rent the house out and get the hubby to take would you do? a year’s sabbatical and travel the world together.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? Jennifer Aniston but 10 years ago when she was married to Brad Pitt and in Friends.

Your best blag ever? Meeting Pierce Brosnan at Pinewood Studios – it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

What is on your iPod? A real mixture from Kings of Leon, Groove Armada, Jamiroquai, Florence and the Machine to Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis and George Michael (Freedom ?!)

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