SNAP Accesses Nokia’s Distribution Channel

Java-based SNAP multiplayer mobile games are made available; through Nokia’s on-device portal solution, for download and purchase over Nokia S60 and Series 40 handsets.

Mobile gaming publishers and developers are provided a global distribution channel through the new arrangement, enabling them to reach users of all Nokia handsets with Nokia Content Discoverer enabled.

Nokia Content Discoverer, representing Nokia’s end-to-end Preminet content discovery and delivery ecosystem for mobile operators, offers a collection of shopping mall “stores” or “catalogs” that allow mobile subscribers easy access to downloadable content from their mobile service provider, leading content aggregators and branded content providers.  

Connected multiplayer titles developed on Nokia’s SNAP Mobile platform will be available in selected markets through a dedicated catalog location to any user with a Nokia handset that features the Nokia Content Discoverer client, starting in the second half of 2006.

Nokia Content Discoverer is said to ship on an additional six Nokia handset models to global markets by the end of 2006. It is already embedded as an on-device portal in nine Nokia handset models comprising millions of devices currently in the marketplace.

Petteri Putkiranta, Nokia, said, “the Nokia Content Discoverer on-device portal provides a powerful tool that makes it easy for mobile subscribers to experience connected multiplayer gaming on millions of handsets based on the world’s leading mobile device platforms.”

“The new availability of Nokia’s Java-based SNAP Mobile games through Nokia Content Discoverer gives publishers and developers a direct pathway to users seeking the interactive experience of in-game competition against friends or community members.”

Lisa Waits, Head of Nokia’s SNAP Mobile, said,  ”connected mobile gameplay with friends is a fast-growing trend in mobile entertainment and Nokia Content Discoverer now provides a quick and efficient way for mobile consumers to find, try and purchase the latest multiplayer game titles.”

“Using SNAP Mobile and Nokia Content Discoverer, mobile game publishers, developers and operators now have an excellent channel model to drive content and data traffic revenues from the market demand for connected mobile games,” she commented.

Mobile subscribers are able to easily discover, download and purchase localized content, applications and services; using Nokia Content Discoverer, including:
Symbian C++ applications for S60.
Java games and productivity applications.
Logos and background images.
Ring tones and True Tones. Video clips and files.
Full-track music and Flash content,

Through Nokia Content Discoverer’s advanced on-device caching of content catalog metadata and integrated preview/prelisten and installation capabilities, mobile users will experience an enhanced content shopping experience.
This will facilitate easy purchases of mobile content and speed time to discover and download.

Currently embedded in select Nokia devices, Nokia Content Discoverer is based on S60 and Series 40 technology, including:
 – The Nokia Nseries multimedia computers (Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72 and Nokia N80).
 – Nokia Eseries devices for enterprise users (Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70).
 – Nokia 3250 handsets currently available in mainland China and Nokia 6131 devices in China and other Asia-Pacific markets.

Embedded on six additional Nokia handset models, including the Nokia N73, Nokia N93, Nokia E50, Nokia 5500, Nokia 6070 and Nokia 6233, the on-device portal is set to be shipped by the end of 2006 to markets worldwide.

As well as mobile game community development, Nokia’s SNAP Mobile is now available for connected mobile game development and publishing. By harnessing the versatility of Java-based mobile content on a wide variety of Java MIDP2.0 compliant phones, it delivers a quality-connected game playing experience to users.

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