Sony Ericsson Short Change UK consumers?

SE the mobile music specialists have cut the out-of-the-box memory of the K850i by half or more.

Perhaps in a miserly cost cutting exercise, Sony Ericsson have reduced the memory card which is shipped with the unit from 1GB down to less than half.

With this powerful camera phone memory is king, with it’s 5 megapixel effort, stored file sizes are going to be on the large size.

Regardless of this Sony Ericsson have decided to down-grade the memory card but interestingly enough not the packaging.

It seems that rather than produce packaging referring to the down graded memory card, SE have decided to place a couple of stickers over the box where it reads, in several languages, that it’s supplied with a 1GB card.

We’re not sure if this is network, or UK specific, but if you’re down grading a handsets memory in a cost cutting exercise you may not wish for the consumer to know – sticker it is then.

Were you expecting them shipped with a 1GB card? As always, write your comments below…

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