Take my breath away, the Orange Berlin

Today sees the launch of the Orange Berlin. This is the first of a new range of phones that Orange are developing and manufacturing for their different customer groups.
"This means we can make handsets that specifically include the features our customers have told us they want. Things like an MP3 player, Bluetooth, or a good camera. All the phones in the range will all be named after cities that reflect the characteristics of that set of customers. " says Orange.

The Berlin is aimed at customers Orange call ‘Playful’ who, like the city, are fun, lively, sociable and vibrant. Just like the Germans then, who as we all know are renowned for the extrovert sense of humour.

"Playfuls enjoy big social lives and have loads of friends." say Orange "Their mobile is centrepiece of their social lives, and they are aspirational in their lifestyle, so it’s important that their phone looks good (hence our stylish designs). "

The Orange Berlin is billed as offering real value for money for someone who wants a high specification device; combining a full feature set with great style – it’s a 3G slider in black with 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player and Bluetooth all for £69.99.

Next month look out for the Orange Dublin, a quietly understated sober handset.

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