TAP Officially one of Britains Top Employers

The Accessory People Group Plc (TAP) have recently announced that they have been recognized as one of Britains Top 100 Employers for 2007 by The Corporate Research Foundation in association with The Guardian, and awarded this prestigious accolade for the Groups achievements with the best examples of HR management.

The award takes into consideration the following profiles of exceptional importance for British employers:

Pay and benefits, Promotion and development, Training, Travel opportunities, Company culture, Innovation, Diversity, Social responsibility, Compliance, and Environmental record.

TAP pride themselves at being at the forefront of development.

Due to the sheer diligence to uphold the highest standards of customer service, TAP conduct fortnightly training sessions to ensure that their team members are up to date with all the latest product information, pricing and company procedures.

Tap also operate a fortnightly incentive program for dedicated team members. These incentives range from snazzy nights out in London to shopping weekends at the Big Apple to name a few.

TAP as a group employ over 100 people in areas such as communication, media, services, logistics, IT and computer specialists and now supply over 3000 product lines in over several countries.

A TAP spokesperson said "With these opportunities and incentives, it makes working at TAP an enjoyable experience and helps build comradery between team members. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those team members for all their hard work and effort in making TAP one of BritainÕs Top 100 Employers."

Other winners included Ericsson, Motorola, and Vodafone.


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