Telmap has added Europe-wide real-time traffic updates and information to the basic package of services included in Telmap Navigator – and Telmap says that makes it the first company to offer “a comprehensive traffic package fully integrated in the core mobile navigation offering, without extra charges to operators”.
Currently Telmap offers traffic coverage for 11 European countries, and says more will follow.
Nokia’s E series includes a free trial offer for Telmap’s full-featured Europe-wide mobile navigation and mapping, including the real-time traffic updates. Telmap Navigator is one of five pre-loaded applications selected by Nokia for their E series customers.
Telmap Navigator will come pre-installed on Nokia E60, E61 and E70 smartphones sold in the UK. There’s an in-box co-marketing campaign that has a special offer for either UK-only or Europe-wide service after the trial ends.
The E series will also ship with the Michelin Guide on board, along with ViaMichelin – more route planning than digital maps, but still a competitor for Telmap.
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