The Mole Digs the Dirt!

Oh dear …
Designs are under way to help stimulate the irate debate following further nuisance reports of loud mobile phone users in public. The first has the ability to give the person on the other end an electric shock if you talk to loudly. (Have they met my wife? I’d be curled up in the corner of a room somewhere scared half to death anytime a phone went.) The second is a phone that catapults a sound to the offending noisy person in order to disrupt their conversation. How rude. Personally, giving these inconsiderate offenders a good slap on the noggin has always worked for me.

You can’t give it away

Ever looked on the forums to see what users actually think about video calling? Mole got invited to see an Internet forum and the topic named “Does anyone here use video calling?” had a rather predictable “no, not once, never” answer. The even lower point for the networks involved was the way that most people commented they didn’t even touch the free 60 minutes of video calls bundled in with the tariff.

America, TV capital of the world
A recent survey (from the beginning of March) has just bared some interesting results. RCP Capital Markets discovered that 75% of those polled have no interest in Mobile TV. As the networks have just spent combined billions gearing up for streaming feature rich content such as video and music, they’re probably still a bit cheesed off to hear that a further 70% couldn’t envisage themselves using their phones for Music either. Ooops!

Feedback requested
The dealers got the chance to offer feedback to the networks this month at the Hugh Symons Unity conference. Perhaps the most apt was when 3 got an impromptu comment during the pub quiz fun experience. When presented with the challenge to eat as many crackers as you could in a minute, one dealer with a mouthful of crumbs asked the host “Is this what you call 3 stuffing the dealer again?"

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