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Adam Whitehouse, managing director, TMT First



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What are the key areas of TMT First’s business?

Providing customised reconfiguration services on mobile handsets. As the market diversifies and converges we are now also providing these services on laptops, games consoles, mobile dongles and other consumer electronic equipment.

What does TMT First do in layman’s terms, and why it is important for the mobile industry?

Our technical team customise handsets to meet the specific needs of our

clients. We can look at any technical problem be it specific settings, software problems, customisation requirements or repackaging solutions. We work with the networks, manufacturers, distributers and major retailers to ensure that stock goes to market with the required settings enabling all parts of the industry to maximise their profits.


What are the most common software problems you see?

As new technologies have evolved, manufacturers are pushed to bring the latest handsets to the masses in double quick time. This can sometimes result in handsets hitting the market before all the glitches have been ironed out.

Manufacturers always want their product to hit the market in the best way possible, so, if we can work with them to iron out teething problems, then everyone wins. To speed up the process of ensuring stock is ready for the consumer we can have handsets shipped to us, configured with new software settings and back out the door within 24 hours, making the whole process less time consuming for all parties.

When dealing with new products we often find that high demand results in stock shortages for particular network variants. With approval from the manufacturer and the network we can take a handset and apply the necessary software to the units along with any customised packaging and accessories that may be required to complete the ‘ready for retail’ process for the particular network.


What sets TMT First apart from its competitors?

We are a new and young company, but all the senior staff have been with company since its inception. We have grown as individuals while maintaining a strong focus on the customer.

Our enthusiasm for new technologies and solutions has won us lots of friends along the way and enabled us to achieve an enormous amount of success in a short time frame. We are easy to talk to, always contactable and care about our customers business. We know that if our customers are successful and enjoy higher profits, then they will spend more with us. We are determined; if we are told something is impossible then we try harder to find the solution, be it a technical problem or stock turnaround times.


What is your company’s unique selling point?

Large volume orders within critical timescales are our speciality. The production team can handle 1,000 to10,000 handsets per day.

Is TMT First planning any investment and expansion in the near future?

While we have been growing and developing, we have continued to work closely with the industry’s key players. As the market is discovering new revenue streams outside traditional handset markets we are extending our premises to provide further work areas that can cope with these additional products. This has enabled us to open up our business to a whole new customer type and expand services to our existing customers.

What is the top of your agenda for the next 12 months?

The company has grown and expanded year on year, and we see this trend continuing as all sectors strive to take every last ounce of margin from a product. Further investment in R&D will speed up our processes allowing us to increase throughput volumes. This, along with our growing technical expertise, will enable us to keep leading the field with our tailor made technologies.

How has TMT First found business during the past year?

It has been a difficult but ultimately rewarding year. I have a great team who have all dug their heels in and worked extremely hard to ensure that TMT keeps growing in the right direction. We do not fear change, thankfully, as a lot has changed during the past year.

What are the hot trends for the company going forward?

Applications are the big buzz at present and we are continually looking at ways to make the process more streamlined. Social networking applications on handsets are as important to the customer as text messaging was 10 years ago. By TMT First adding the appropriate settings to a handset before purchase, this can improve the total ‘out of the box’ experience for end users.

Key Personnel:

I am ultimately responsible for the whole operation, but the company relies on the skills of the technical and production teams, headed up by Paul Schofield, fulfilling the orders and ensuring that high standards are met and maintained. Jacqueline Draper oversees the admin and marketing and staff, ensuring the smooth running of all areas outside of production.
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