Truphone claims 4G first

Telecommunications newcomer Truphone has declared itself “the world’s first 4G network operator”.
We’re not sure whether the 4G claim is justified, but the service is certainly ambitious.
The company has developed a software infrastructure that allows mobile phones with WiFi to make calls and send SMS messages using WiFi and the Internet; when out of range of a WiFi hotspot it reconnects to the mobile network, allowing customers to roam between the two networks.

Truphone has been testing the service using Nokia’s E-series handsets, the first VoIP/WiFi phones from a big-name manufacturer. Truphone says it is also developing mobile VoIP applications for mass-market smartphones.

Truphone is compatible both with private, home or office WiFi networks, and with public WiFi hotspots such as those found in cafés, hotels, airports and bars. Each Truphone subscriber also becomes a mini-cell in a new collaborative network. And when Truphone users are both connected via WiFi, the call is routed entirely over the Internet and incurs no mobile operator charges. If only the caller is connected to WiFi, call charges will be significantly reduced.

Truphone also delivers SMS and voicemail, and will be available in pre-pay and post-pay.

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