UK mobile telly provided first by Virgin

Movio, incorporating a system known as DAB-IP; which uses the same frequencies as DAB digital radio but enhances them to provide a limited number of TV channels, successfully completed it’s trial period.

Previously mobile TV in the UK has streamed the signal as internet protocol (IP) packets.Expenses incurred through the large amount of 3G bandwidth forced operators to cap the number of hours that users could watch per month.

If there are many active users in the cell, streaming mobile TV over 3G networks can also lead to a degraded service.

Virgin’s deal with BT includes a period of exclusivity of three months. The content providers for Movio are likely to be announced within a month, say insiders.

Co-designed by BT and UK company The Technology, the first handset to feature the service will be based on HTC’s Trilogy design.

The phone will be incorporated into Virgin’s Lobster range of devices. It runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 and will be based on HTC’s Trilogy design.
. It is not yet certain whether the spectrum needed for will ever be made available but if it comes to fruition it
Although DAB-IP is set to beat its current rival technology, DVB-H, to the market as the spectrum it needs is already available, if the spectrum that is needed for DVB-H is ever made available it will have more channels available to offer than will ever be possible using DAB-IP technology.

BT will announce details of a new mobile TV technology early next week. 

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