Uncontended fibre

Uncontended fibre

The ZyXEL XGS4728F
The ZyXEL XGS4728F

By deploying ZyXEL Metro switches, Carrier Wales is now able to offer customers fibre to the business ‘uncontended’ connectivity with services from 10Mb to 1Gb. They are also able to interconnect with FibreSpeed, NTL/TeleWest, BT Openreach and other Next Generation Network (NGN) providers.


Carrier Wales is a division of Integrated Digital Services (IDS), established to provide business communication connectivity services to businesses throughout Wales.

The company is one of the leading service providers for the FibreSpeed, an optical fibre core network that links vital parts of North Wales with Carrier Wales to established networks everywhere.

Critical to Carrier Wales was to partner with a vendor who could demonstrate a proven capability in comparable infrastructure rollouts. Any hardware would need to be easily configurable and enable the segmentation of services from the core to the end-user and of course represent value for money.

The solution is based upon ZyXEL’s Metro Ethernet Switches (MEF) being used in the core and at the edge of the network. The ZyXEL XGS4728F L3 Managed 10G Stackable Switches are used in the core of the network and provide the aggregation to the edge switches via the FibreSpeed network. This switch also has the ability to connect 10G fibre to allow for cost-effective increase of bandwidth from 1G to 10G as and when needed.

The edge switches in the remote PoPs are based on ZyXEL’s MES- 3728 24 port 10/100 L2 Metro Switch and the ES3124F24 port SFP Slot L2 Managed Switch, which provides the fibre or Ethernet service to the customers’ premises. Customer site equipment is from the ZyXEL Switching and Security range and will depend upon the customers’ requirements. Customer information is secured and separated via VLANs and carried across the FibreSpeed network using the ZyXEL QinQ mechanism, this allows Carrier Wales to be in control of the complete solution via the ZyXEL switches, and not rely on any third party configuration.


Business Benefits:

Carrier Wales is now able to deliver uncontended connectivity speeds of between 10Mb to 1Gb which enables its customers to run multiple applications simultaneously. Crucially applications including VoIP, HD Video conferencing and Cloud storage can take place without any negative impact to each other’s performance. In addition, Carrier Wales is able to extend its offering to include managed LAN services using ZyXEL’s SMB Networking solutions making it a true end-to-end provider.


In a Nutshell:

Why ZyXEL?

• Delivers a robust and secure solution, which can future-scale

• Provides seamless interconnectivity with other NGN networks

• Supports a NGN rollout with aggressive expansion projections

• Works as a partner to inform, recommend and provide infrastructure consultancy

• Comes-in on budget

• ZyXEL’s QinQ mechanism within the switching architecture allows Carrier Wales the flexibility to manage everything themselves

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