Vodafone goes for Musiwave

Vodafone has signed up the Openwave subsidiary Musiwave to supply Vodafone UK’s hosted music services for music video downloads on Vodafone live!, along with music and video ringtones and artist wallpapers.

Musiwave is building a sophisticated mobile music portal, with songs updated daily and determined by the latest charts results and radio airplay; the service will also remember the preferences of a returning customer and will recommend additional products that relate to the customer’s previous purchases.
“We believe that the partnership between Vodafone and Musiwave is significant since it heralds a shift in the way consumers think about and buy mobile content – focusing on their favourite artist, instead of content types,” said Al Russell, head of content services and advanced messaging at Vodafone UK.
Keeping the mobile content purchasing experience relatively simple and user-friendly is also key to ensure that users complete purchases and are satisfied. We believe Musiwave’s comprehensive online music portal is ideal for Vodafone’s customers, since it focuses on simplicity and usability.”
Interestingly, Musiwave provides the technology behind the most successful UK mobile music store – 3’s offering. It also has more than 35 mobile operator clients in 25 countries.
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