Watch TV on a Lobster

The new Lobster 700TV isnt just for making and taking calls. It’s for watching TV, listening to crystal clear digital radio, and a whole lot more besides.

Flying in the face of the larger networks Virgin Mobile have now destroyed the final excuse for the couch potato’s lack of exercise.

Virgin’s new Lobster 700TV does what it says on the tin – it’s a portable television. This isn’t just any old money hungry network streaming service either, this is digital TV in all it’s freeview finery including ‘red button’ interactivity. The phone also has a DAB radio tuner built-in.

On top of that, it’s a windows smartphone.

With the contents of half your living room packed into a mobile phone, you’d expect it to be twice the size of a brick, but it’s not. Measuring 11cm tall and 5cm wide this is no fatty. It does have a quirky shape, with a bulge on the right-hand side, but this just adds to it’s uniqueness.

The phone also has a 1.3 megapixel camera, allowing users to snap shots of other people dribbling in awe at their new ‘tellyphone’.

As well as the TV and Radio application, the 700TV comes with the standard Microsoft applications, which include: Internet Explorer, Windows Media, Messaging, Calendar, Contacts, Voice notes, Picture/Video viewer, Tasks, Calculator, File Explorer, Pocket MSN Messenger / MSN Hotmail, SIM manager, and the camera/video application.

The 700TV, created by HTC, is the first in a series of mobile phones being developed to support BT’s wholesale mobile broadcast entertainment service, BT Movio.

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