What to demand from your connectivity supplier

Sachin Vaish, managing director, Vaioni Wholesale, outlines what channel companies should demand from their connectivity suppliers.

As a reseller, your success depends on being able to supply your business customers with the right technology, and the right advice, at the right time.

To do that, you need the support of an expert connectivity supplier. Your own employees and ethos are crucial, but so is your relationship with the business that supplies your connectivity solutions.

With that in mind, here’s what you should expect from your supplier, and why.

What should your supplier offer in terms of choice?

When it comes to connectivity, some suppliers offer a single option, which is the connectivity portfolio of a tier-1 ISP. That sounds like a clean and simple offer, until something goes wrong, or you have a customer in an area where the ISP’s coverage is poor, or the ISP hikes its prices out of the blue.

By contrast, when you deal with Vaioni Wholesale, you’re tapping into a vast nationwide network made up of our own infrastructure and that of our 12 UK carrier partners. You’ll only ever deal with Vaioni Wholesale, but you’ll be able to offer your customers the best speeds, price and coverage in any location, whether that’s through the Vaioni Ethernet Network (VEN) or one of our connectivity partners. It means that, when you partner with Vaioni Wholesale, you have the reach and choice that marks you out from the crowd.

What should your supplier offer in terms of support?

Your supplier has a vested interest in your success, and should be able to support your business in any way you need.

That’s easy to say, but not so easy to do, because proper support takes time, expertise and investment. For example, everyone advertises round the clock support, but does that actually mean you can get an engineer out at any time of night and day when a customer’s connectivity drops out? That’s probably the first question you should ask.

With Vaioni Wholesale, you’ll get 24/7 support from the engineers that build and manage our network, and a UK-based customer service team. But you’ll get much more besides, because our ethos is to be with you every step of the way. That means we offer dedicated account management and white-labelled marketing collateral. It means our experts are always on hand to support your sales process and consult on your solutions.

Crucially, we make the relationship frictionless with the myVaioni portal, one of the most advanced self-serve portals around. It offers real-time quotes and service details in just a couple of clicks, and support tickets can be raised in seconds. In short, it means you can make better, faster decisions for your business and your customers.

Should your supplier offer more than connectivity?

If you take broadband and leased lines from one supplier, should you take other services too? Certainly, you should only take what a supplier can properly and expertly support. A supplier that sells everything may be a supplier that is spreading itself too thin.

At the same time, there is a strong argument for getting a range of core services from one supplier, because it creates a compelling offer for customers and also makes the management of supplier relationships so much simpler. If you take two or three services from one provider, that’s one point of contact, one invoice and one support team should there ever be an issue.

At Vaioni Wholesale, we focus on the core areas of modern digital business – connectivity, communications and security. We have extensive expertise in all these fields, which means our resellers can confidently sell the services their customers most rely on without having to go through a pick ‘n’ mix process with several suppliers. They know we can support these services properly and that our product road map is focused on providing the very best solutions in these areas. We don’t spread ourselves too thinly, but we do offer a focused package of complementary services to help our resellers position themselves as trusted technology partners rather than just connectivity providers.

Why Vaioni Wholesale? Learn more about the Vaioni difference or get in touch with the friendly Vaioni Wholesale team on 0161 672 9900.

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