Which Phone?

Camera phones will grab most of the market currently held by low-end digital cameras within two years. But maybe the major potential drawback is the need to educate the user into thinking of themselves as the next David Bailey.

So you think the market for fashion-accessory mobiles is limited to females and kids??Think again. His phone says as much about a bloke as his choice of clothes, car, haircut or partner.

Most music-phone buyers don’t yet know how to differentiate one handset from another. Here are some key factors to point out to them

We asked a group of articulate teenagers what they looked for from a phone, and the results aren’t too surprising…

Mobile phones have become an essential part of growing up. They are a fasion acessory, a badge of membership, a vital link between parents and children. All those factors influenced our selection of the best phones to offer a young customer – plus the considerations that apply on a kid-sized budget.

First there was WAP, a cut-down version of standard HTML that produces pages which are more limited but simpler and therefore quicker to transfer. WAP is charged on a per-second basis whether or not the user is actually sending or receiving;
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