World’s Highest Call – Success

The world record for the highest mobile phone call has now been set. The Motorola sponsored expedition hit the Everest summit on Monday, and called base camp to tell them "It’s cold".
Brit Rod Baber made the call using a Moto Z8 from the very top of Mount Everest, 29,035 feet high, at 05:37 local time having set off from base camp a week ago.

The 40 second call was understandably succinct with Baber’s first words being "It’s -30. It’s cold. It’s Fantastic."

"The Himalayas are everywhere. I can’t feel my toes" he went on.

A mobile base station was installed in China, ensuring line of site to the north side of the mountain. Unfortunately for Baber, to stay in contact with the base station he had to follow the north ridge to the top, the most difficult and dangerous of the various routes.

Nevertheless, Baber stated "Everyone’s in good spirits. We got here in record time."

He also broke the world record for the highest land-based SMS, thumbing a corny text message to Motorola "One small text for man, one giant leap for mobilekind – thanks Motorola."

Baber signed off by admitting he could not wait to get home.

The phone call can be heard on Rod Baber’s blog here.

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