You’ve Got MDA Mail

Following a brief stint in Germany T-Mobile’s new handset has dashed over here to become the MDA Mail, coming equipped with a variety of email options, including Microsoft Direct Push Email and BlackBerry Connect.

The device operates on a Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, which means users can also view and create documents on the move.

The slim and light design of the MDA Mail makes it perfect for business executives looking for a pocket-sized email solution to help them make the most of their time away from their desks.

The compact QWERTY keyboard is easy to use whether writing an email or composing a text and the screen makes viewing webpages easy and effortless. The device also has a 1.3 mega-pixel camera.

Users can also purchase CoPilot Live 6 for the MDA Mail from T-Mobile stores – ensuring business professionals on the move can successfully navigate their way around

The MDA Mail also hosts a variety of multi-media features to keep you entertained on the move too. The built-in Windows Media Player and Stereo Bluetooth connection, allows users mobile access to store and listen to their music and favourite video clips.

America have had it for a while as the Dash, and Germany have had it in it’s European form for a few weeks. The MDA Mail starts life as the HTC Excalibur. but strangely enough doesn’t include WiFi.

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