2012 Prepare campaign goes Vocal

Vocal has released its Get Ready for 2012 Guide, as part of its “2012 Prepare” campaign. Vocal has collaborated with experts from the business continuity and risk management consultancies Needhams 1834 and Keystone Resilience to produce this guide on helping business with preparing for 2012.

The insights provided in the guide will help organisations to take all the steps they should to ensure that business continuity strategies have been adapted or extended as required. The guide also includes a dedicated section for HR, highlighting the importance of the role that HR plays in business continuity planning.

Trevor Wheatley-Perry, Vocal’s Managing Director commented, “With only 58 days left before the Games begin, now is the time for organisations to look at what needs to be done in the time remaining. This guide may help to identify areas which may have been overlooked and places focus on the importance of the HR manager’s role. The aim of this activity is to do all that we can to help organisations be prepared for the disruptions that 2012 will bring.”

Andrew McLeod from Needhams says, “Capitalising on the opportunities of the Olympics means being ready for business as unusual; prepared for challenges to staff, premises, IT and communications, and supply chains. It’s of paramount importance to carry out a practice exercise to test your business continuity plan in preparation for the Olympics. This will allow you to understand and successfully mitigate challenges to your business over the next few weeks before the Games. Thorough preparation will ensure that your business faces the minimal disruption during the Olympics and is ready to take advantage of the unique opportunity of the Games.”

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