A Powerful New Voice for the Sales Professional

With an estimated 2 million working within it, the sales profession is the single largest demographic of employees in the UK and yet is without doubt the worst represented both in terms of recognised associations and consumer stereotypes. That is until now!

From their Whiteley, Hampshire base, founders Gary May, Nigel Griffiths and Tim Wheeldon have launched the Association of Sales Professionals with one clear objective: to put the pride back into sales. And with around 45 years of relevant experience, a multitude of business successes and worldwide acknowledgements for their expert sales strategies and training, few people are in a better position to do just that.

ASP founder Gary May explains, ‘Speak to any sales man or woman and they’ll tell you that our profession is treated with at best suspicion and at worst contempt. It simply is not given the credibility and status other professions receive. The result is that sales people are often apologetic about what they do, even to family and friends.’

Gary’s co-founder Nigel Griffiths continues ‘Yes, there is a tiny minority of so-called sales people who are inept, unethical and sometimes dishonest. But the vast majority are experienced, skilled, ethical, conscientious and dedicated. They give their customers exceptional service, create wealth and jobs and drive the economy forward. So the Association of Sales Professionals has been formed to enhance and evolve their role, acting as an arbiter of excellence and integrity for every sales professional.’

The ASP does not have a set of rigid and prescriptive rules for sales people to adhere to which often prevent a sale being made. However, those seeking certification must subscribe to, and act in accordance with, the association’s Code of Excellence & Ethics.

‘The crucial point about our Code of Excellence & Ethics is that they require certified sales professionals to put their customers’ needs first; even to the point of walking away from a sale if it isn’t in the best interest of the prospect. That has to be the acid test of the integrity of any sales professional.’ explains Gary.

The association’s guiding principles deliver a key advantage to buyers – whether professionals or private consumers – in that they can have absolute trust in certified members of the ASP and do business with them in complete confidence.

On the other hand, one of a whole raft of benefits of the ASP to certified members is the clear competitive edge they will have over those who are not members. As a result, ASP certified sales professionals can expect to increase their customer base and potential earnings through their world class and highly acclaimed sales and business acceleration training and ongoing development.

Membership of the Association of Sales Professionals is open to individuals, like minded corporations and affiliate companies who agree to subscribe to, and act in accordance with, the ASP’s Code of Excellence & Ethics and all for a very cost effective annual subscription.

Just some of the innovations the ASP’s founders are keen to bring on stream include: forming ‘partnerships’ with organisations that serve the professional selling community; a ‘preferred suppliers list’ of those businesses that embody the guiding principles of the ASP and an online ‘buyer feedback’ service whereby sales professionals and their employers can track their performance in the field.

‘We believe this unique and dynamic new organisation will deliver a win-win situation for sales professionals and their buyers. This is not about old boy networks or swanky annual award dinners where the same faces always lift the prizes; the ASP is for sales professionals, by sales professionals as we work together to put the pride back into sales.’ concludes Tim.
The founders of the Association of Sales Professionals are utterly convinced that this new approach and injection of credibility and expertise into the UK’s largest profession will herald a new beginning for the sales profession and a changing of an industries sterotype.

To find out more about the launch of The Association of Sales Professionals, please:

Call the Association of Sales Professionals on 0844 8444 099
or visit www.theasp.org

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