Abiquo launches fully-integrated cloud push

Abiquo announced its direction and strategy for 2013 at Cloud Expo, with the launch of its ‘EverythinQ’ campaign.

Abiquo plans to integrate its platform with third party infrastructure-based technologies that businesses are currently using for cloud operation and management. The EverythinQ solution will integrate all existing technologies enabling businesses to manage everything from one single solution, helping them to operate and optimise their cloud.

Jim Darragh, CEO, Abiquo, explains this business strategy: “At present, legacy challenges such as network or asset inventory and discovery are separate from workflow and business process management, capacity planning solutions, security technologies, virtual machine management and Green IT solutions.”

“In almost every environment we have encountered thus far, we have found several types of ‘traditional IT management’ that prevent the customer from revolutionising their existing approach and processes in running their business.”

“The issue is that each of these technologies is operating in silo, most often by separate teams with different skill sets and the complexity of integrating those into a cloud model leads to delays, compromises and increased costs. With the EverythinQ solution we’re offering businesses a fully contained solution to manage this.

“We are already operating the most advanced cloud management platform on the market, and have opened discussions with technology vendors regarding legacy issues that IT has had to learn to deal with such as inventory, workflow, and availability.
“Our goal is to deliver the most open cloud management platform on the market, and improve operability for those that run the cloud.

We truly believe that the promises of efficiencies, flexibility and cost reduction offered by cloud based services can be achieved and will revolutionise the way a business works – but we realise that we must first make the tasks of transitioning to and operating the cloud easier for them to undertake – and this is what we are doing with EverythinQ.”

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