Accelerating global momentum for device integration

Mformation Technologies, an advanced mobile device management (MDM) company, has announced that over 40 major mobile device vendors are supporting standards-based initiatives to ensure that their devices can be managed seamlessly by the Mformation Service Manager platform.

Vendors participating in the Mformation device programs include HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, and ZTE. These device vendors comprise close to 90% of the overall market.

Matt Bancroft, vice president at Mformation, commented: “Over 100 million devices are managed by our MDM platform. As the number of device management capable devices in the market ramps up through 2009, we are implementing systematic processes with the leading device vendors to ensure that Mformation Service Manager can seamlessly manage new devices as they come to market. Our Device Release and Self-Certification programs are critical to ensuring that new devices delivered to the market can be managed by our standards-compliant MDM platform. This ensures that the devices and services in subscribers’ hands are always optimized and working correctly.”

The Mformation platform supports all major mobile device manufacturers worldwide, as well as the many operating systems than run on these devices, and Mformation is constantly adding support for new services as they come to market. The value of advanced mobile device management is directly linked to the number of devices supported and the sophistication of interaction between the MDM platform and mobile devices.

Mformation achieves this breadth of device support through compliance with all leading device management standards including OMA-DM and OMA-CP.

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