Accounting apps attract new business for E-conomic

Online accounting system E-conomic, which has close to 40,000 customers, now has the world’s largest selection of accounting apps that integrate with their system.

“We have always held the view that data should be able to flow freely between business systems which is why we developed E-conomic with an open application programming interface (API)”, says Anders Bjornsbo, UK Operations Director of E-conomic. “Consequently, other organisations have been able to develop apps which integrate directly with E-conomic – a trend which has significantly increased our customer base over the last 12months.”

Bjornsbo says that their customers need a way to connect different tools; “ We have always firmly believed that systems should be connected rather than kept apart – which is contrary to many of our competitors. We have mobile apps – for example users can mileage automatically on their mobile phone – as well as apps that integrate with webshops, point of sale, scanners, CRM systems, payroll, banking, invoicing and stock control. So whether a customer wants to pay salaries, collect outstanding payments or record the time and materials spent on projects, there will be an app available.”

One of the latest apps is from the platform Carry The One which integrates on line retail operations with E-conomic.
Lech Madrzyk, Chief Executive of Carry The One says: “Historically, small businesses that rely on on-line sales, had to manually enter data into their accounting system – now they can import sales from an e-commerce store directly into their accounting system. We saw integration with E-conomic as a fabulous opportunity as they are one of the very few SaaS accounting applications that have the functionality of full inventory and stock control options as part of their system – other online accounting providers tend to have very limited functionality in those areas but they are essential for many businesses that sell online.”

Bjornsbo says that he knows of at least 100 apps that now integrate with E-conomic but feels that there are probably many more out there. “Many of the operations that businesses have to carry out need to interact with an accounting system – we see it as part of our role to facilitate that which is why we encourage developers to approach us – and we even have an API Forum on our website where developers can share ideas . Not only does it add value to our customers but it creates more business for those who develop and sell applications. It’s a win/win situation.”

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