Actuate Announces Mobile BI Solutions for Android

Actuate, the company behind BIRT and the open source Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, today announced BIRT Mobile Business Intelligence for Android devices. With BIRT Mobile, developers can easily deploy custom BI, dashboards, analytics, reports and interactive content natively on Android mobile devices.

BIRT Mobile puts business reports, KPIs, documents, and dashboards into the hands of employees, partners and customers. Decision makers can now run their organisation from wherever they are on their device of choice, viewing secure, interactive business data on an Android tablet as dynamic dashboards, tables, graphs, charts, visualisations, maps, and documents. As a native Android application, BIRT Mobile is orientation-aware and supports animation, navigation and drill through within its content.

BIRT Mobile for Android deployment options include harnessing Actuate BIRT iServer or BIRT onDemand to access and analyse interactive data, documents, and dashboards in the cloud. The application is pre-loaded with demonstration dashboards, allowing end users to explore and personalise business data on their Android device. BIRT Mobile can view any open source Eclipse or Actuate BIRT content and is compatible with enterprise deployments of Actuate 11 SP2 and higher.

“BIRT-based mobile BI is in use at a wide range of organisations across multiple industries for their mobile intelligence needs,” said Pete Cittadini, CEO and President of Actuate Corporation. “Our customers are demanding native Android support for BIRT. Android, like BIRT, is widely used open source technology. As developers evaluate technologies to deploy mobile BI, BIRT is the logical choice; developers are familiar with Eclipse and BIRT, which has been downloaded over 10 million times and is known by over 1 million application developers globally.”

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