Aculab Launches ApplianX Gateway

Aculab has announced the addition of the ApplianX AP Gateway to its ApplianX range of enterprise gateways.

The ApplianX AP Gateway offers all of the functions of Aculab’s ApplianX IP Gateway, combined with a user application platform (AP).

That AP enables bespoke, call handling software applications to run in the box on a powerful VM instance, alongside the gateway, instead of on additional, external hardware. The unique architecture of the ApplianX AP Gateway provides users with many benefits, such as needing less rack space, being able to deploy custom OEM solutions in a single box, and offering an all-in-one communications appliance.

Many businesses continue to need gateways, to interwork between legacy PSTN networks or PBX installations and a variety of IP-based communications solutions.

TApplianX AP Gateway can run IP-based solutions in the same box, either interacting with or independent of the gateway. That was a major attraction for Syntec, an early adopter of Aculab’s new gateway platform as evidenced by comments from its operations director, James Campbell.

“The Aculab ApplianX AP Gateway is a great piece of kit allowing one to combine the VoIP/ISDN features of the gateway with a powerful VM instance, allowing bespoke facilities to be provided all in one box. It’s very useful in the often met environment where rack space is at a premium.” James Campbell, Operations Director, Syntec.

“Adding a user accessible VM environment to our enterprise gateway platform seemed like the right thing to do. In fact, it was user discussions that helped germinate the idea in the first place. Those already benefitting from the unique features of Aculab’s ApplianX gateway range, such as Supplementary Services interworking, branch office survivability, and key-stroke suppression for PCI-DSS compliance, now have a powerful VM on which to run their own or third party IP-PBX and SBC applications.” David Samuel, CEO, Aculab.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine