Adept4 Comes up with a solution

IT management company, Adept4 and its technical team, has found what they describe as a much needed solution for businesses and their employees for Citrix and Tablet devices, making it much quicker and easier for them to work from any location using any sort of device.

As well as offering a host of IT products and services, Adept4’s technical team work behind the scenes to develop its own IT technology to improve current services offered to its customers.

Adept4 has managed to get different applications working on Macbooks, iPads, as well as other tablet devices via Citrix. The main applications, OCS (Office Communications Server) thanks to Adept4, now has the ability to work on tablet devices. This provides instant access; people can be anywhere and they can still instant message, share desktops and carry out day to day work with their colleagues, no matter the location and without slowing anything else down.

The popularity of tablet devices has increased considerably over the last couple of years, with 20 million tablet devices sold last year and by 2014, it is estimated the number sold will be 500 million. Adept4 can provide businesses with the solution to deliver applications over them, developing how your business can operate.

The ability to work from any location securely is becoming an expectation for many people. However the capability for most IT organisations or businesses to support this is fraught with questions; how it can happen? How is it secure? How is it accessed? What network is used for remote users?

This updated technology is similar to Access Applications Anywhere, which is a solution that will revolutionise how you operate your business, due to secure access via multiple devices from anywhere, 24/7 availability, access via any browser and no Network Upgrades.

Supporting many different requirements for home workers, mobile workers, business continuity and poor weather conditions, to ensure the solution will work under any circumstance.

Paul Talbot, CTO at Adept4 commented: “This is another leap forward for Adept4 and what we can do for clients, demonstrating the progression for delivering hosted desktop to any device anywhere. Speed is essential to this service and we have just improved speed by 1,000%.

“We have tested a range of services on the tablet devices, and are continuing to develop this in the coming months. It is a great service to demonstrate to customers so they are able to understand the benefits and development of this technology.”

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