Alcatel-Lucent acquires Velocix

Alcatel-Lucent announced that it has acquired Velocix, a global provider of content delivery network (CDN) infrastructure and services to internet and broadband service providers and media and entertainment companies.

CDNs optimise digital distribution over the internet by replicating popular video and rich media content to geographically dispersed networks of delivery servers. This allows user requests for content to be served more rapidly and reliably from these local delivery servers rather than from a single source.

Said Melanie A. Posey, research director, hosting and telecom services at research firm, IDC: “With the acquisition of Velocix, Alcatel-Lucent brings a new, unique value proposition to network operators struggling to support their customers’ demands for high performance delivery of rich media content, technology solutions for localised caching, as well as metro and regional and national overlay CDN services that enable ISPs and content providers to establish mutually beneficial commercial agreements.”

The acquisition of Velocix brings Alcatel-Lucent an enabling CDN infrastructure solution for internet service providers and a wealth of experience and expertise that complements its existing technology and business initiatives. Velocix has a proven track record of constant innovation and advancement in CDN technologies. The company was first to market a turnkey solution – Velocix Metro – that allows internet and broadband service providers to deploy their own advanced delivery capabilities to support their digital content initiatives.

Philippe Keryer, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s carrier product group, commented: “This acquisition strengthens our portfolio of products and services in a key strategic area. Combined with our integration capabilities, it fits nicely into our application enablement strategy and our vision of the high leverage network that supports it. It also demonstrates our company’s commitment to investing in the capabilities, know how and technologies needed to effectively support the rapid evolution towards a video-centric world, with maximum reliability and optimal quality of experience.”

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