America to lead adoption of mobile authentication products and services

Goode Intelligence has issued an analyst report revealing that the market for mobile phone-based authentication products and services is set to grow significantly over the next five years, especially in North American markets.

Goode Intelligence forecasts that for North America, mobile phone-based authentication products and services will generate just over $48 million in 2010 and that the market will grow to $142 million in revenue by 2014, an increase of $94 million and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24%.

The report, The Mobile Phone As An Authentication Device – Analysis and Forecasts 2010 – 2014, shows that the key drivers behind this market growth and the adoption of mobile authentication include: Increased employee mobility which requires secure access to company networks remotely; An ongoing need to reduce operational costs in organisations; The requirement to reduce fraud from identity theft and
unauthorised access for eCommerce services; An increase in eHealthcare and eGovernment services that require a stronger level of authentication than simply a password; Industry and government regulation including PCI DSS for credit
card processing, FFIEC for US financial services and HIPPA for US
healthcare; The move to cloud services that require more agile and scalable
authentication services.

Alan Goode, report author, and founder of Goode Intelligence, stated: “North America is currently an active market for mobile phone authentication products and services with many vendors competing in what is becoming a very competitive and fast moving market. The start up single play mobile phone authentication vendors such as Anakam and PhoneFactor have started to erode market share from the traditional authentication vendors, both software and hardware.

“However, the likes of RSA, ActivIdentity, VASCO and Entrust are beginning to market their own mobile products and services and it will be interesting to see if their brands and products are strong, and distinct, enough to compete with the new players.”

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