Analyst MZA Sees UK PBX Sales Grow

Following the pick up of the second quarter, the total UK PBX/IP PBX market in Q3 2005 increased by 10% compared to Q3 2004 according to analysts MZA. The above 100 extensions market continued to perform well showing 23% growth and greater figures recorded across all size categories. Notably the best performance came in the 1001+ extensions segment, which is 42% up on last year.

BT maintains the largest percentage in this market with a 49& extensions market share, an improvement on their 47% share registered in Q3 2004. This quarter has also seen a change in direction in the below 100 extensions market which is showing a 3% growth, which is the first positive growth figure seen in twelve months when compared with the preceding year. IT continues to be driven by increasing IP extension sales which have almost doubled since this time last year.

The 11 to 30 extension segment in particular has also contributed to this new upward trend displaying a 13% increase in extensions accompanied by systems growth too. However, we are still able to see the shift from the below 100 extensions market to the above 100 extensions market which now represents 40% of total extensions shipped compared to 36% in Q3 2004. The total amount of extensions sold in Q3 2005 was just under 670,000.

BT continues to hold the leading share of the supplier market, accounting for 21% of extensions shipped, although down from the 26% registered in Q3 2004. Avaya take pole position in the manufacturer market share table closely followed by Nortel. Panasonic came in to claim the number three spot with Cisco Systems not far behind.

The below 100 extensions majority market shares are held by Panasonic and Nortel and then Avaya with 13%. Avaya however, moves to first place in the above 100 extensions market with 23% compared to 19% in Q3 2004, followed by Cisco Systems and Nortel.

Panasonic maintain their systems sales lead in the Q3 UK PBX/IP PBX market as per last quarter. Lake Communications come second with Nortel in third place.

The volume of IP extensions in Q3 2005 demonstrated an 84% increase compared to Q3 2004. The amount shipped (both on IP capable/enabled and pure IP systems) continued to rise in this third quarter and accounted for 23% of extensions shipped compared to 14% in the same period last year.

Cisco Systems still heads IP extensions sales accounting for 38%. Mitel remains in second place, while Nortel takes third place. Avaya has also had an extremely good quarter in terms of IP, displaying a healthy rate of growth. IN the market for systems with less than 100 extensions, IP extensions represented 10% of the total extension sales, up from 5% in Q3 2004. The above 100 extensions market however remains its stronghold, representing 43% of total IP extensions, up from 29%.

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