Anglia Telecom becomes Redstone Mobile

Anglia Telecom Centres Ltd is to be re-branded as Redstone Mobile. The Suffolk based distributor, which was bought by Redstone plc last year, now becomes a fully fledged member of the ‘Redstone family’ with the change in name. The change comes into effect from 1 June 2007.

Dave McGinn, Managing Director – Redstone Mobile comments, “There’s a lot of history and reputation that has been rightfully earned by Anglia Telecom over its many years in the industry. And we’re simply now badging everything we’ve worked and strived for with a different name, or to put it another way, just changing our clothes. Our customers will still be able to get that unrivalled service with Redstone Mobile that they’ve been used to with Anglia Telecom. Some people will obviously miss the Anglia Telecom
name, but we’re viewing this as becoming part of something much bigger and better, something which will benefit our dealers, both in the short and the long term.”

McGinn adds, “We’ll still be running those legendary incentive programs, we’ll still have those experienced staff and we’ll still be offering all five networks. But now, we can also offer business desktop for PC, fixed line, VoIP, IP, networks / converged solutions and storage area networks – the full product set. We’re not aware of anybody else in the independent dealer channel that can offer the product and service portfolio that we now can.”

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