Aon Outsources Telecoms Management to Azzurri

Aon has chosen Azzurri’s Intelligent Telecoms Expense Management (ITEM) to centralise the management of its multiple telecoms suppliers and consolidate multiple billing feeds from its different providers into one centralised reporting tool. With Azzurri managing the supplier relationships, Aon is free to focus on its core business.

Until three years ago, Aon had an outsource contract with one of the largest global providers of IT Services to provide and manage their fixed voice, WAN and telephony infrastructure. However, for strategic reasons, Aon’s outsourcer chose to end that support relationship, meaning that Aon had to take over direct responsibility for all supplier bill management. This was a significant headache, moving them from just one supplier, to having to manage a number of major telecoms and data suppliers, all involved in providing services to an organisation as large as Aon, which has a number of large and diverse business units, who each require a significant amount of internal recharging from their bills.

Aon has gained benefits from using Azzurri’s ITEM service in two key areas:

•EASE OF ACCESS TO CALL INFORMATION: Azzurri’s sophisticated ITEM (Intelligent Telecoms Expense Management) software is used to consolidate multiple billing feeds from seven different providers into one centralised reporting tool. It logs and analyses the hundreds of thousands of calls that Aon make, and presents the data on simple dashboards, which are tailored for Aon’s specific requirements.

•SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT: For Aon, the management of multiple vendors on their behalf is a major benefit. They trust Azzurri to do that for them, while providing Aon with just the essential information they need to make informed business decisions.

Rufus Grig, CTO, Azzurri Communications, said: “The Azzurri ITEM service provides Aon with an incredible amount of management information – which allows them to ensure the correct levels of recharges are made to the individual business units, as well as accurately forecasting telecoms expenditure.”

“With Azzurri taking care of the labour intensive bill resolution issues, the Aon team can concentrate on doing their core job – delivering first class network management to effectively support the business.”

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