Arc Solutions Delivers Enterprise Suite

Cisco Applications vendor Arc Solutions has announced the launch of Arc Suite – a set of integrated voice applications for Cisco Unified Communications platform providing resellers with a compelling proposition to address enterprise communications issues and greater ability to secure IPT projects.

Customers, employees and management are key stakeholders in any business and require easy access to accurate centrally stored corporate directory information. The inability to achieve this goal fundamentally affects the performance of these groups and the business as a whole. As a consequence, Arc Solutions has developed a suite of voice applications to overcome these business challenges by utilising centralised corporate directory information and providing Cisco resellers with a powerful armoury of solutions to enhance the functionality of end users communications systems.

“The infrastructure, process and efficiencies within a business are built around corporate directory information. Inaccurate and inaccessible information directly affects its stakeholders’ performance and perception of the company which can lead to dissatisfied customers, employee productivity loss or reduced revenues,” said Richard Pitt, Sales Director, Arc Solutions. “The Arc Suite of products tackles and overcomes these negative impacts on the business helping to maximise the effectiveness of Cisco voice communication infrastructures, enabling resellers to add greater value and differentiation to their IPT proposition.”

Corporate directory integration is at the core of the Arc Suite. By integrating disparate directories and databases, a solid foundation of accurate information is presented enabling businesses to update records centrally. The complimentary and integrated voice products within the Arc Suite provide seamless access to this centralised directory information and include:

Operator Centres – dedicated front-line customer call management service

Cost Analysis – measure, management and control of all call traffic

Xml/html Portals – improved visibility of directory information via xml based phone screen or html browser

Voice Directories – speech recognition or automated attendant solution

Helpdesk Solutions – intelligent call routing

Richard Pitt further concluded that, “Our approach that led to the development of the Arc Suite was to identify the concerns and issues of the staff, management and customers within organisations and then design a set of applications to overcome these communication hurdles. Cisco resellers can confidently enter competitive situations in the knowledge that the Arc Suite answers real business requirements and puts them in pole position to win those IPT projects.”

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