Arc Solutions Launches Arc Enterprise Version 5.0

Arc Solutions – the technology developer of Unified Communications applications for Cisco – has launched Arc Enterprise 5.0, an enhanced version of its professional operator console.

Arc Enterprise 5.0 is designed exclusively for Cisco IP Communications platforms and provides innovative new features to further increase internal productivity and customer satisfaction across various sectors. The new version boasts superior functionality with integration into both Cisco and Microsoft presence management tools, SMS text message sending, and a unique Click-2-Dial capability.

“Alex Black, CTO of Arc Solutions: “Our latest release provides the powerful features operators need to quickly and easily navigate vital business information to ensure customers receive the best service available.”

Arc Enterprise 5.0 enhancements include improved searching capabilities, allowing an operator to forward a call to the best person in the shortest possible time. As businesses increasingly implement corporate ‘presence’ applications into their systems, Arc Enterprise 5.0 enables operators to easily view the availability of personnel. Enterprise takes the presence status from multiple sources, allowing the operator to identify if and when a contact will be able to take calls. Furthermore, the Arc Operator Console application provides SMS text messaging capabilities, enabling the operator to send a text to any mobile number directly from the console.

Arc Enterprise 5.0 also features Click-2-Dial functionality which enables users to quickly dial numbers from any application including Web directories, documents and CRM applications simply with the click of the mouse. Furthermore, a phonetic search tool is available allowing operators to access all contact information that is spelt or even sounds similar to the contact being searched, ensuring the correct person is located quickly and efficiently.

“Our customers need to be confident that their IP telephony platform is utilising all avenues to streamline business processes,” Black added. “Customers, employees and managers within an organisation all have specific business requirements. Arc Enterprise Server 5.0 provides a total solution to meet and exceed these needs in order to capitalise efficiency and yield an overall return on investment.”

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