AU Telecom Aim to Take Manchester by Storm

Newly formed AU Telecom based in Prestwich Manchester believes there is plenty of business in and around the Manchester area for them to aim at.

AU Business Centre Manager Phil Howard says, “In a market that is reported to be saturated, with the announcement that BT is already implementing their BT 21st Century Network, there are many businesses that need to be educated. And that’s where AU Telecom comes in; no hard sell techniques, just straight forward advice to assist business prepare for the ‘switch’.”

Howard points out that it was reported by Sony, back in April, that the UK is 18 months behind the rest of Europe with the implementation of VoIP which is good news for any Company trying to gain a market share within the UK.

“AU Telecom is completely self efficient from start to finish with its own 12 seated call centre, a direct sales force of Telecom Business Advisors, associated team of Installation Engineers and Business Partners with Avaya and Nimans, all within 4 months from launch.

Offering businesses the advice on how the 21CN will affect the way they communicate is our approach to the market. We offer good honest advice on Telephone Systems and their functionality within a prospective clients needs. We are finding there is a huge lack of knowledge within many businesses when we are asking what they believe their current telephone system capabilities are. We are also finding some business are burying their heads in the sand on what the future holds within the communications industry and how they can benefit from BT’s 21CN. Taking the initial plunge into this technology can be scary for those who are uneducated and that’s where we come in.”

AU Telecom expect to have a 25-30 strong workforce within the next twelve months concentrating solely on the Manchester and surrounding areas and once they have captured enough of the local market they plan to expand into other areas of the UK.

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