Aurora Kendrick James Offers to Save Business £Millions

Aurora Kendrick James, telecom expense management specialist, has launched a Mobile Management program and warns that large organisations are wasting millions each year by not providing staff with access to their business mobile phone bill.

Matt Atkinson, Group CEO of Aurora Kendrick James (AKJ), comments: “In many organisations with large mobile fleets, the billing is central and individual users have no idea of their own usage, which can be hugely damaging to the company. The significant growth in premium text services is a prime example: users are often unaware that by sending a one time text to such a service they may inadvertently be subscribing to ongoing premium text content. As many mobile users never see their actual bill they remain totally unaware of what their one time text is costing their organisation. Unfortunately for many organisations, a few extra pounds per user per month can go unnoticed, especially where there are a large number of users, but the aggregate amount can be huge.”

“By simply providing each user with a monthly e-mailed copy of their mobile bill, accompanied by a suitable usage policy of which users are continuously made aware, large organisations make users accountable and can instantly drive down costs.
Many users who receive a copy of their mobile bill for the first time are genuinely unaware and surprised by how much they really use their business mobile, and almost immediately non business usage falls.

“In some cases organisations have seen improvements by as much as 20%.
For some organisations this can mean hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum in cost savings.”

To help large organisations understand the true cost of personal or inappropriate usage, and the potential implication of this usage on areas including VAT accounting, AKJ is offering a no obligation “insight review” of mobile billing to any organisation with over 200 users applying before the end of September.

Atkinson concludes: “We have a great track record in helping mid sized and large organisations to improve the management of their telecoms costs and the simplicity of this approach means that significant cost savings are available to all organisations almost immediately, regardless of the supplier that they use.”

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