Avaya Enables SMBs with Intelligent Communications

Small companies that need to ensure business doesn’t stop when employees can’t physically make it into the office can do so now according to Avaya with their new, telecommuter application.

Informe Limited, a communications systems provider in the U.K., is among the customers using the new “telecommuter mode” software enhancement that Avaya has added to its Avaya IP Office portfolio for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Avaya IP Office is a complete SMB solution for telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing and customer management.

“With 10 employees, we have a lean, busy and mobile workforce, and we must be able to communicate efficiently and professionally with our customers – that’s a key factor in our success,” said Edward Hobson, director, Informe. “The telecommuter mode gives any of our workers access to our headquarters system wherever they are in the world with just a basic Internet connection. They can make and receive calls using any land-line or mobile phone with the same IP Office features they get in their office, such as conferencing. They can also record and store their calls, just as they usually do at headquarters. As a result, our business runs smoothly wherever our employees are located, and our customers still receive top-notch service.”

Rather than route calls over the Internet where voice quality may not be guaranteed, the telecommuter mode feature sends calls over the public switched telephone network to and from a remote phone, such as a home or mobile phone. From their desktop or laptop PC, users can transfer calls and use speed dial, call history log, account codes and other features typically available only at their headquarters work location.

Avaya also introduced new virtual private network (VPN) software for IP Office. The capability is designed for full-time remote employees who require the same secure and reliable access as their headquarters network and are using an Avaya IP-enabled phone. No remote VPN gateway is required at the remote location.

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