Avaya Launch Deferred Payment Plan for Channel

Avaya Financial Services (AFS) has announced the launch of its Payment Deferral Programme, a limited offer that allows customers to acquire the latest technology today and defer the first payment until January 2010.

The programme was launched in response to client demand and is the latest in the AFS portfolio of finance solutions. It is aimed at companies which need to update their telecommunications equipment but do not have the budget to invest before the end of the year.

Through the Payment Deferral Programme businesses can purchase Avaya Unified Communications, Call Centre equipment and Avaya services and enjoy a payment free period for up to six months until January 2010 (depending on when the contract with AFS is signed). Following this initial term, 54 monthly payments at a competitively low rate of 3.99% will be payable.

The offer follows the extension by AFS of its 0% Finance offer earlier in the year, plus the launch of its Advanced Funding Programme, a programme designed to increase distributors’ cashflow by accrediting them all upfront costs for equipment.

Paul Fazakerley, AFS European programme director, commented: “In today’s environment cash flow is a key concern for many businesses. However, whilst it may be difficult to find the budget for business-critical investments, such as telecoms equipment, these same businesses recognise the need to maintain a competitive edge by investing in technology.

Leasing and financing offer strategic, operational and financial benefits for companies. AFS’s previous financing promotions such as the 0% Finance offer and the Advanced Funding Programme have contributed to the number of finance applications, doubling over the same period last year. These products help free up businesses’ credit lines and increase cash flow, and have allowed companies to make essential technology investments in a difficult economic climate.”

Jirina Yates, Director of EMEA Marketing, Avaya added: “Programmes such as the AFS Payment Deferral Programme allow companies to start gaining the benefits of key technologies – including potential cost savings, productivity and efficiency gains, without having to pay anything now.
In today’s economic climate, companies are being understandably cautious, so this programme can help them gain the advantages they need to ensure their businesses run well now during the recession – and are able to start gaining competitive advantage when economic improvements take hold.”

The exclusive Payment Deferral Programme is valid on all Avaya Unified Communications, Call Centre equipment and Avaya services where the Avaya solution is a minimum of 70% of the total solution cost. Deals must be ordered with Avaya prior to 25th September 2009, with installation and funding to be completed no later than 21st December 2009.

The offer is available in UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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