Avaya Settles on VoiceFlex SIP Trunks for Quick Edition

Avaya one-X Quick Edition to Offer SMBs Low Cost IP Telephony, through SIP Trunking Capabilities from VoiceFlex

Avaya has announced that VoiceFlex SIP trunking services have been rated compliant with Avaya one-X Quick Edition, the company’s peer-to-peer phone system for locations with 20 users or less. The company says that as a result small businesses will now be able to reduce their telephone costs, providing a competitive alternative to ISDN lines.

Paul Taylor, sales and marketing director, VoiceFlex, UK, said: “SIP services offer up to a 60% saving over ISDN, the ability to retain important telephone numbers but also order numbers that provide a local presence. Voiceflex also provide free on net calls and exceedingly cost effective call rates, an all round winning package for any end user”.

With businesses now demanding low cost calls and increased flexibility in a phone system, SIP trunking is able to meet these needs. VoiceFlex, a leading UK SIP based IP trunking provider, uses voice over broadband to lower the cost of line rental and offer free calls to other SIP trunk users. Phone numbers can also be ported to any IP address meaning numbers can be assigned and retained regardless of office location.

“SIP services signal an alternative to hosted telephony, especially when combined with the Avaya Quick Edition offering. It is a simple case of ‘hosted telephony or hosted cash’ and the reseller community will quickly see the market and margin potential being offered here. This is not a dramatic change of sales model but simply a migration from traditional lines and minutes to the 21st Century alternative.” said Jim Robertson, commercial director, MTV, an Avaya distributor for the UK market.

The new VoiceFlex service is fully scalable allowing Avaya’s BusinessPartners, to provide real business benefits at a cost-efficient price point; SIP trunks and telephone numbers will be provided in minutes via the Voiceflex on line portal and will be charged as a monthly ‘per voice channel’ rental fee.

Business’ IP Trunking service help businesses enhance customer flexibility and service while harnessing the power of IP Telephony. Companies will now be able to benefit from lower cost calls, free calls between linked sites and the ability to rationalise their ISDN lines, leading to a reduction in total cost.

Avaya’s Quick Edition provides advanced IP benefits using a familiar PBX style handset. The phone system offers a mix of classic and new features, making it an ideal IP telephony solution for all users providing a perfect platform for growth. Small businesses can now benefit from a simple, flexible system which allows them to retain existing investment while they move to IP Telephony and SIP further down the line.

“We have found the Avaya Quick Edition is easy and efficient to use, from the uncomplicated installation and programming to the user features. We were concerned regarding making and receiving telephone calls over the Internet, but our fears proved unfounded. The quality is as good if not better than our previous BT connections” said Mark Kay, owner of JPL, a Birmingham based print company.

“In addition, SIP trunks were 60% cheaper than our ISDN lines and allowed us to make a 40% saving on call costs” concluded Kay.

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