Avenir Telecom offers dealers the chance to win a trip to Canada

Until 31st December, Avenir Telecom is running an incentive that rewards dealers for boosting their sales, with up to £1500 worth of BlackBerry handsets available for each dealer and the overall winner earns a trip for two to Canada, the home of BlackBerry.

Working with O2 and BlackBerry, and to end 2011 on a high, Avenir Telecom has created the Business Boost incentive programme to help dealers grow their business and earn a range of business boosts for: New O2 BlackBerry connections; New O2 fixed line, business voice and mobile broadband connections; O2 business upgrade, re-sign connections when a BlackBerry is added for the first time; Phone purchases with extra business boosts for BlackBerry smartphones; BlackBerry installations.

The larger the deal, the more boosts are earned. In addition, any dealer performing at 250% or more of their target will have the opportunity to join Avenir Telecom’s exclusive O2 Approved Partner Programme from January 2012.

Managing Director, Andy Tow comments: “This is the first time we’ve included upgrades, re-signs and BlackBerry installations in an incentive and we’re very excited about the business boost this will give to our dealers. Trading their points for BlackBerry products including handsets, training and installations adds even more value to their transactions which ultimately means they can offer more choice to their customers: ultimately a win for us all.”

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